The goal is to offer the customer the best and most functional technical solution,
with the least use of economic resources and in full compliance with the required time.
“Getting together is a beginning, staying together is progress,
working together a success.”


So.Co. & Pro provides its customers with a global technical service that meets all market requirements.
The same dedicated consultant follows each and every customer from the very beginning starting from the definition of the request up to the desired results and their implementation.


So.Co. & Pro Sagl, offers companies and property owners the technical guidance and advice necessary for solving even complex problems related to building maintenance and repairs.
With over twenty years of technical consultancy experience, So.Co. & Pro Sagl in house experts have specific skills in multiple sectors.
So.Co. & Pro know-how provides its customers with:

  1. inspections, checks and surveys to search and pin point the causes of:

    – water infiltration in housing units or common parts of constructions, buildings, condominiums or facilities;
    mold proliferation in housing units,
    surface condensation phenomena in housing units,
    instrumental, thermographic hygrometric measurements for the pin pointing of thermal bridges and in general of environmental parameters in housing units.

  2. technical reports and descriptive technical reports:
    condition survey and maintenance and repair of common parts of buildings, condominiums and facilities;
    list of maintenance or repairs required for the restoration of common parts of buildings, condominiums and facilities pin pointing the urgent and deferred ones.

  3. research and checking of the best economic offers relating to the renovation,repairs and/or maintenance of buildings, condominiums and facilities to determine the most suitable for each specific case.

  4. supervision and checking during construction, maintenance, repair or restoration works, contracted by the customer;

  5. checking of the accounting of the work in progress or once finished; as a guarantee of getting full technical and economic satisfaction for the client.


So.Co. & Pro guarantees technical competence and professionalism for the implementation of technical appraisals relating to civil, industrial and infrastructural buildings and facilities.
We follow, research and verify the causes of damage through periodic inspections, investigations and monitoring.
Having specific and proven expertise in the field, we draw up reports and statements and pin point the best technical and economical solutions to solve problems relating to buildings and infrastructures.
We can guarantee the best control and the most efficient supervision of maintenance, renovation and repair interventions, the management and checking of restoration, renovation and repair activities and the verification of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and repair expenses.

The skills and competences that So.Co. & Pro Sagl provides its customers with, follows the entire building process of a project, starting from the planning, taking care of the design and following it through to its implementation.
The Company’s core business is Construction Supervision and Management. Our team, made up of experienced professionals, has over thirty years of experience in the field of construction of civil buildings both locally – single units and apartments – and globally – villas and entire buildings.
Of particular note are the skills gained in the construction supervision and management of airports for what concerns the maintenance, renovation, restoration, refurbishment or construction of infrastructure works (runways, taxiways and aprons) and airport buildings.

So.Co. & Pro Sagl’s team of professionals has acquired decades of experience in the field of the design and planning, both private and public, relating to civil, industrial, road and airport construction and facilities. Their know-how, placed at the service of our customers, draw up technical and economic feasibility projects and Executive ones with the guarantee of obtaining the best technical and economic results.
Unique and specific skills are offered for airport works.
With over 20 years of proven experience gained through continuous activity in airside infrastructure and construction of terminals, our Chief Engineer Mr. Ezio Francesco Scali provides his unique specific skills for airport works.